On the 28th December last year, in the Cultural House of Camelle, a homage was paid to the memory of MAN, passed away on this date, twelve yers ago.

MAN, the hermit of Camelle, the artist, the intellectual, the singular man known worldwide but kept himself apart from the world...

He lived by the seaside, naked, weather-beaten. It was as if he wanted to go back to the origin of man, It was as if he wanted to melt into nature, just like another element of it.

When I go down to the breakwater to have a walk by his museum, I can still feel his soul haunting that magic place, surrounded by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the primitive mountains of the Serra de Pena Forcada.

It seems that the proper steps are now being taken to order and to recover his whole world of creation, I hope so.

In the meantime, we, a group of neighbours, will carry out regular clean-ups of his museum and its surroundings, in order to keep it free from the flotsam washed up by this rough sea.

We beleive that a wreckage, if kept clean, retains its dignity and is better prepared to be rescued.


Entrada publicada: 16/01/2015

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