A change of mentality

60% of the world population lives beside the sea on the five continents. The sea, origin of life and main supplier of human resources, is suffering the consequences of an old mistaken idea that it is unlimited, we think the sea can bear everything. As the fishermen of Grand Sol say, the sea is the GREAT STOREROOM, but it is not so. The oceans are suffering a threateaning pollution as a result of uncontrolled spillages and huge volumes of plastic debris in the water and marine environment. This situation is already a big worry for the main international institutions.

We have to leave behind the individualistic mentality of... I am happy in my house and in my garden and what is happening elsewhere is not my business... Our well-being depends more and more on the actions of others. The land has already had all its territory taken over by all sorts of private property. The common citizen has few opportunities to act and, if any, they are already determined beforehand.

But the sea belongs to all of us. The sea is our home and her surrounding environment is her garden and it belongs to all of us as well. To conserve her natural conditions and to preserve her from all agression will be the only way to attain the well-being and happiness that everybody desires some day.

Therefore, we have to change the mentality of the sea as the GREAT STOREROOM to the sea as OUR HOME. Her future and ours depends on us.

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