The scope of the work deals with the project's aim to prepare two premises in the short term, one located in the area of Camelle / Arou and another in the area of Arteixo, in order to store and to select all the plastic materials to be collected by the seaside. In the first phase these premises would cover the shoreline of the Coast of Death, from Cape Fisterra to A Coruña.

The work of cleaning the coast would be carried out according to the following steps: Overview of the place, picking up plastics, transport, storage and classification of materials.

The plastic litter will have three clear destinations:

  • The creation of artistic and handcrafted works in a permanent showroom.
  • Plastics suitable for recycling.
  • Debris polluted by oil, paint, grease, pitch and sand, quite often mixed up with driftwood, fishing tackle, cloth and torn plastics, quite dangerous pills for the marine environment that are difficult to identify and impossible to recycle and require control in their problematic destruction.

The origin of this plastic waste will be tracked, either from land-based sources or from ships. A study of how the marine currents and prevailing winds work to accumulate plastic litter in specific hotspots will be carried out.

It will undoubtedly have an important role regarding the plastic pollution on our coastline, bearing in mind the fact that one of the most congested maritime routes of the world passes in front of the Galician coastline: the Maritime Corridor of Fisterra, sailed by more than 40,000 ships per year, among them an increasing number of cruisers, real floating cities that are difficult to control in terms of fulfilment of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships (MARPOL V).

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