Mar de Fábula is a non-profit organization focused on cleaning the sea.

To meet this goal, we will promote the removal of all the marine litter left at the seaside by the storms, by the currents and by the solid spillage from land-based sources to prevent it from returning to the sea.

This work will be carried out all around the year.

The bigger volume of solid litter polluting the sea and the ecomarine system is plastic material in all its shapes and sizes. As its mechanical degradation advances, this plastic material breaks up into increasingly smaller pieces, thus making it more and more difficult or even impossible to pick it up, as well as increasing its negative impact on nature.

For some years now, many organizations carry out manual cleaning of the coasts in more and more countries on the five continents. Mar de Fábula aims to be just another piece of this global mechanism that is working towards preserving the health of the oceans.

The activity of the association will cover the whole shoreline of Galicia but in the first phase, the works of cleaning will be carried out at the beaches and pebble beaches of the Coast of Death.

To raise awareness of the problem, we will try to help people to see the need to immediately and individually assume an active role in preserving the sea and the marine environment.

We will keep in touch with other organizations in Spain and Portugal that share our objectives to cooperate in cleaning up the coasts of the whole Iberian Peninsula.

To help grab people's attention regarding the dramatic level of plastic pollution at sea, Mar de Fábula will organize workshops of artistic and handcrafted creations made out of marine debris selected from the huge volumes of materials we expect to collect at our premises.

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