A first approach to the chaotic creatures

Under the calm waters of the North Atlantic Subtropical Convergence Zone, a gigantic whirl of plastic waste is swirling round and round with its vortex down below the depths of the ocean, into the abyss of Castletown, inside the mouth of a great volcano.

In the abysses of the Atlantic Ocean, at the most remote depths, at hundreds of centuries of distance, under the tepid and nutritious layer of the Sargasso Sea, the laws of Chaos are dictating the rules of a New Second Creation.

The sea, origin of life, careful and patient mother of all forms of life that inhabit the Earth, in a birth against nature and helped by our invaluable cooperation, is bringing forth new life forms.

Inside the body of this inmense maelstrom, the plastic litter spreads out packed inside a circle of myriads of kms., it floats all along the water column like particles of dust floating in the air. These fragments of increasingly smaller plastic collide with each other, they combine with each other in a liquid atmosphere of confusion and mechanical degradation.

Little by little each of the plastic pieces recognizes the chemical afffinity of the others and embraces them, they mix together, they compound together into a growing mass of miscellaneous plastic pieces that gives rise to new forms, new bodies, new fantastic beings never seen before. They are the product of Chaos, strange chaotic creatures moving erratically, timidly, uncertainly, with big astonished eyes to see what is happening to them, what is happening around them.

The global net of informers known by their acronym IMBA (International Maritime Beachcombers Association) is notifying, through cyphered messages delivered in glass bottles, of strange events taking place along the shorelines of the five continents. They talk about a rising tide of colourful plastic animals, like worms, millipedes, flies, dragon-flies, butterflies, spiders, ants, turtles, serpents, birds......surging from the sea, silent new creatures that are arriving at the sand beaches, at the pebble beaches, climbing the cliffs.........

(To be continued....)

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