The waves follow one another like gloomy birds of boundless open wings, forming a tight flock of unlimited force....

A life-giving force that steadily churns up all the materials found inside and brings forth strange creatures made of marine litter....

In order to get a good harvest, stormy weather days are not the best, nor are those of tropical calm. The best moment is just after the gales, when the sea, exhausted, rests her skin and breathes like a baby.

Then, the big doors of the GREAT STOREROOM, beaten down by a water spout of detritus and deception, leave behind on the shoreline the remains of wrecks, glass bottles without messages, ropes of all sizes, driftwood that hints at shapes, plastic cases, plastic bottles, plastic lids, plastic caps, plastic covers, plastic pipelines, plastic bags full of sand that draw bodies on the shore....... Also pieces of nets, fishing gear, rubber boots, rubber gloves, floats, buoys, fenders and always, constantly, rope ends of many colours showing their heads over the dry jungle of seaweed. Sometimes they are polluted or clean, nearly brand new, like diurnal glow-worms washed up by the sea.... All plastic material that will take hundreds of years to degrade.

The sea brings these materials back to us altered and broken by her force and through an innermost and calm dialogue invites us to count on them within our capacity to create, suggesting new ideas, a far cry from their old daily use, out of the maddening circuits of the contemporary culture of consumption.

Thus, new and fantastical creatures appear in all shapes and sizes, with round viscera and big astonished eyes. And through our visual communication with these mounstrous but harmless creatures, we can establish new paths to reflect on our attitude of aggression against and ill-treatment of the sea and her environment.


A first approach to the chaotic creatures
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